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Thank you for taking time to visit my Vicki Lawrence web page! I have been a fan of Vicki's for many years. I have literally worn out many copies of her first LP "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" since I first found out about it in 1975. I saw it at the home of two school friends who lived across the street from me in Livermore California. It belonged to Tammy and David's mother. She let me borrow it once and I taped it on a reel to reel tape recorder. Only thing was I didn't have a microphone to put in front of the speakers, so I used another speaker as a microphone and it worked in recording it, but with not the best sonic results. I wore that tape out.

I had met Vicki many times over the years in and around Los Angeles, but only as a quick Hello type of meeting at a game show taping or other event. I have had a long time wish of really spending some time with her and that came true on June 28, 2002. I went to see my mother who lives in Las Vegas and during that trip I received an invitation to see Vicki's show through her agent. I waited after the show to formally meet Vicki. I was in heaven. We talked for a while and at the end of our meeting I asked her to please sign my copy of her 1973 LP. I found her to be a very nice lady who is unaffected by her place in show business history. She is down to earth and very fan friendly- don't let anyone tell you otherwise! She remembered meeting me previously and was very nice.

The main reason I put this page up is because of my fondness for Vicki. Of course "Mama's Family" was a hit for many years and is still on. And Vicki was on "The Carol Burnett Show" for it's entire run. But Vicki has done so much more than those two shows. Did you know she entertained overseas in the 1960s during the Veitnam war? Vicki has always been and always will be a trooper.

If at anytime you'd like to write, please do so. I would like to stay in touch with other Vicki Lawrence fans. I love working on my page and Vicki's page. Again thank you for taking time to visit!


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