Vicki Lawrence Agent
Contact Information

Vicki Lawrence is represented by:

Michael Pick International
MPI Talent Agency
9255 Sunset Blvd. Ste 407
Los Angeles, CA 90069

For booking information:

Phone: (310) 859-7300
Web Page:

But please be aware this is not a fan club and emails or phone calls
to this company about autographed photos or anything other than
interest in booking Vicki for a professional appearence
will not be answered.

If you would like to obtain Vicki's autograph,
please send a request to me and I will forward it to Vicki.
I'll need your name and address.

Please be patient, Vicki is currently touring with her new show.
Note: Personal inscription of the photo may not always be possible.
Photo above used as a sample only and may vary
from the photo sent to you.

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