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Vicki has a book out.
It is called Mama for President by Thelma Harper.

Check It Out!

Thelma Harper is running for president, and the free world will never be the same!

Finally, a candidate who will speak her mind and put the country on the right track. From health care to homeland security, Mama has a plan, and she's not afraid to tell you about it. Vicki Lawrence, writing as Thelma Harper, the outspoken, irascible widow from the television series Mama's Family, which has never been off the air since it first aired in 1983, dishes on the other candidates, tackles the big issues, and runs a campaign that has everyone running. Bitingly funny and brutally honest, Mama may just have the answer - but if not, at least readers will have a great laugh.


Season One of Mama's Family now available on DVD!

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