A Word from Daniel Selby

The first time I heard the name Susie Allanson was back in 1976. Singer/actress Susie Allanson had a new song on the radio titled "Me and Charlie Brown" which had be written by Oskar Solomon, but I didn't learn that until I opened the LP and read the label. Oskar had written many of the songs on Susie's debut LP, and I loved the album! I had worn it out by Spring 1977 and I had to buy another copy. I tried to follow Susie's career since my parents had bought me her first LP late in 1976 as a gift for Christmas. But I didn't hear about her again until 1978, when I heard the song We Belong Together on the radio in California.

The song We Belong Together was excellent! I loved it and went out to find the 45rpm single of the song. Seeing that Susie had an LP by the same name I bought the LP and single. The song was written by Susie's friend, singer/songwriter Carol Chase. Carol was also one of the background singers on the LP. The two would work together on many other projects over the next few years before losing touch in about 1981 after Carol had moved to Nashville, Tennessee to concentrate on song writing.

I continued to look for anything I could find on Susie, but back in the 1970s and without the internet, it was rough to locate much more than the fine records. One another note about Susie's career, she has acted in film and television as well. Susie is a multi-talented person!

I was very happy to be able to call Susie at her home and talk with her. She is a very down to earth lady. I asked Susie during that phone call if I could put together a web page about her career and she agreed. I had met her father while I was visiting my mother in another state in 1990 and found him to be a very nice man. We talked of Susie and how much I liked her records. He was very proud of Susie, you could see that in his face. He had collected a large amount of memorabilia on Susie's career. Friends sent him things on Susie too he said. What a wonderful man he was. He could talk about Susie forever and I loved hearing about her growing up.

I cannot recall the amount of time I spent looking for other fans of Susie's. Back in the 1970s I had placed pen pal ads in country music magazines asking for those who were fans to write, I didn't know what I was in for! I received a flood of mail! It was hard to keep up, but I did. Unfortunately with time people loose track of each other due to busy lives. I have been able to make new contacts with many, many dozens of people thanks to the Internet. They are thrilled about Susie's page. I will be getting the information right from Susie for this web page, so you know it will be accurate and truthful.


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