What's Susie Up To Now?

Currently Susie lives in the Los Angeles area where she is kept busy doing what she loves to do- writing songs, arranging material and singing. These days though, her musical concentration is devoted to her church or other special fuctions and not the general public. Every Christmas season Susie arranges a special children's music program for her church. She is happily married and has children.

Susie agreed to an interview for a major magazine a few years ago. Unfortunately only about half the interview was completed and I may put it up on line. Susie gave some great information about her past career. Look for more on this interview on the main page, possibly in a few months. I get email almost on a daily basis asking what Susie is doing and if she will be doing any TV appearances. As far as I know there are none planned.

I am often touched when people tell me they hope Susie has as much joy in her life as they have received from her records and still do to this day. I feel the same way. Susie Allanson has brought me much joy through her music. I wish she had made a gospel album. But you never know!

I will have more on what Susie is doing now as soon as I give her a phone call.


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