A Word from Daniel Selby

A Word from Daniel Selby


Welcome to my page for Gary Raffanelli and Sandy Selby. Having been a fan for many, many years, I wanted to put up a page dedicated to Gary and Sandy for those who may not have heard of them. Gary and Sandy have always put the Show in Show Business. Their shows consistently amaze me.

Gary's ability to arrange music, write and sing original songs is phenomenal, as is Sandy's voice. Gary's original composition called Beautiful is the Lady on their 1982 From Clay to Crystal album is a prime example of Gary's ability to write original material. Sandy Selby has one of the best voices I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. She has the ability to sustain a long note with the purest of tone. A song on their 1986 album called "If I Can't Have It All" is a perfect example of Sandy's ability, as is a cut from their debut LP called "What Would I Do Without My Music" from 1977. Though I have not seen them in concert as Raffanelli & Selby since the very early 1990s, their records have been played on a consistent basis since my move from Los Angeles, California to Portland, Maine.

I hope, over time, this page continues to get better and I hope it helps introduce others to the immense talents of Gary Raffanelli and Sandy Selby. Thank you for stopping in and I hope you come back soon!


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