Gary Raffanelli & Sandy Selby

That Makes Two Of Us (1977 Album)

TTR-1001 / Stereo

Don't Take Away The Music / I'm Gonna Let You Have It / Carmel County Ranger / If You Walked Away
But You Know I Love You / What Would I Do Without My Music / That Makes Two Of Us / We / Lines / Patch It Up

Produced By Jerry Fuller
at Footprint Sound Studios in Sherman Oaks, California
on September 27 & 28, 1977.

From Clay To Crystal (1982 Album)

GS-1001 / Stereo

Interview / Good Lovin' (The Vandells - 1966) / Interview / Electric Trees (The Vandells - 1968) / Interview / I Don't Like To Sleep Alone (Gary's Common Ground - 1975)
Interview / Where You Lead (Gary & Company - 1973) / Interview / I Honestly Love You (Gary's Common Ground - 1975) / Interview
Love Me Like A Rock / I Dig Rock & Roll Music (Gary's Common Ground - 1974) / Interview / Over The Rainbow (Gary's Common Ground - 1975)
Interview / I Have A Broken Heart (Gary & Sandy - 1980) / Interview / Beautiful Is The Lady (Gary & Sandy's Common Ground - 1979)
You Don't Bring Me Flowers (Gary & Sandy - 1980) / Interview / It's A Dirty Job (Gary & Sandy - 1981) / Old Blue Jeans (Gary & Sandy - 1981) /
I Will Play A Rhapsody (Gary & Sandy - 1981)

Album Concept Produced And Conceived By Gary Raffanelli & Sandy Selby
in association with Kevin Hunter Productions, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Whatcha Doin' After Midnight (1983 / 1984 Album)

WBO-83 / Stereo

Wired For Sound / Whatcha Doin' After Midnight? / I Might Be The One You Need / Miami 2017
Open Up Your Eyes / Do Me A Favor / I've Been A Fool / Love On The Rocks

Produced By Michael Bradley, Jody Peterson & Gary Raffanelli
at Cougar Run Music Studios, Ltd, Lake Tahoe, NV.

Workin' On Our Love (1986 Album)

DUK-10 / Stereo

Workin' On Our Love / Nothin' To Lose But Control / For Sure / My Baby / Hold On / Quit While I'm Ahead / Love Never Looked So Good / Love Like A River
End Of My Rainbow / If I Can't Have It All / The Story Of My Life

Produced By Craig Karp, Craig Morris, Pat Higden, Gary Raffanelli, Mark Ishikawa & Jody Peterson
at The Garage, Nashville TN, MCA Music Studios, Nashville TN, Starsound Audio Studios, Reno NV and
Cougar Run Studios, Lake Tahoe NV in September and October 1985.
All lead vocals re-cut July 1986.

Desire Times 20 (1992 Album)

GARSAN-005 / Stereo

Interlude / Don't Take Away The Music / Do Me A Favor / Desire / Beautiful Is The Lady / I Might Be The One You Need / Wired For Sound / I'm Gonna Let You Have It
Get It While It's Hot / Old Blue Jeans / But You Know I Love You / I Will Play A Rhapsody / Whatcha Doin' After Midnight?
Carmel County Ranger / What Would I Do Without My Music / That Makes Two Of Us / Open Up Your Eyes / Lines / If You Walked Away /
You Don't Send Me Flowers Anymore

Produced By Gary Raffanelli. Remixed at REM Studios, Las Vegas, NV.
Mixing and Master Tape to DAT Transfer at Granny's House, Reno, NV.

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