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A&E Biography
Carpenters: Harmony & Heartbreak
Close to You: Remembering the Carpenters
ET Interview with Richard
VH-1 Behind The Music: Carpenters
VH-1 Carpenters at the BBC
The Karen Carpenter Story
Carpenters First Special (1976)
Carpenters At Christmas (1977)
Carpenters Space Encounters (1978)
Carpenters Christmas Portrait (1978)
Carpenters Music, Music, Music (1980)
Carpenters Live In Japan (1974)
Jerry Dunphy Visits The Carpenters (1972)
Robert Young with The Young (1973)
Perry Como Special (1974)
Carpenters CHP (California Highway Patrol) Commercial (1979)
Carpenters on Boston Pops (1974)
5th Dimension Special (1974?)
Richard on Puttin' On The Hits (1985)
Japanese Promo Compilation (Too many shows to mention) (1970s-1980s)
A Night At The White House (1974)
Evening Magazine (1975)
News Feature ET (1988)
Something In Your Eyes video (1985)
Dorothy Hamill Special (1977)
Carpenters Get Star on Walk of Fame (News Clips) 1984
Karen's Wedding (8-31-80)
News Wedding Clips (1980)
Hour Magazine (1987)
Barbara Mandrell Tribute to Carpenters (Clip of Barbara singing Carpenters hits with Richard on piano) (1983)
Solid Gold Christmas (1985)
CBS Newswatch (1983)
Karen's last appearance on GMA in 1981.
Death News Clips (CNN, local L.A. newscasts) (1983)
This Is Your Life (1970)
Merv Griffin (1981 Carpenters & Olivia Newton-John) ("Back in my Life" is what Carpenters sing)
Carpenters Brazilian Special 1981.
Japanese Voice of the Heart TV ad (1983)
Olivia Newton-John Special (1980)
GMA 1983 (Richard & Parents talk of Karen's life and death)
Dating Game (1970)
I Need To Be In Love video (1976)
Superstar: Barbie Doll Movie (1984?)
News 4 LA ("Fallin Stars") 1983
AM Los Angeles (1983)
Music, Music, Music Out-takes:
(Out-takes and pre-editing of opening sequences - Karen being made-up for the camera - Shots not used in the final edit of various scenes - Mexico promo out takes, Karen speaks Spanish - Karen and John Davidson out-takes - Richard piano playing out-takes - "From this Moment on" sequence out-takes - Karen and Ella out-takes - Karen "Little Girl Blue" out-takes.

The Big Night (BBC 1976) Karen sings "I Need To Be In Love" and "Please, Mr. Postman" then does skits with the host and sing "White Christmas" with him.

Parker Stevenson Special (?) (1977) Karen and Richard are at the piano in a lounge and sing various songs and talk about top 40 radio.

1995 Japanese version of "Top of the World" where Richard, as he looked in 1995, joins Karen as she looked in 1973. This is a fabulous and sad video. You can not tell Karen was not there with Richard in 1995! Gives me chills to see it. Technology is amazing in this day and age!

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