A Word from Daniel Selby

The first time I heard the name Carol Chase was back in 1978. Singer/songwriter/actress Susie Allanson had a new song on the radio titled "We Belong Together" which Carol had written, but I didn't learn that until I opened Susie's LP and read the label. I had been following Susie's career since my parents had bought me her first LP from 1976 as a gift for my birthday that year. The song "We Belong Together" was excellent! I loved it and went out to find the 45rpm single of the song. Seeing that Susie had an LP by the same name I bought the LP and 45. Carol was also one of the background singers on the LP.

That, unfortumately, was the last I heard about Carol until 1980 when I was thrilled to learn she had made an album herself on the newly formed Casablanca West label. Mega Disco Label Casablanca had spun off a new company to join the growing demand for country records and had named it Casablanca West. The first single Carol released from the LP "Sexy Songs" was titled "This Must Be My Ship." I spoke with Carol for the first time in 1990 by telephone. Then having met her in Nashville in 1995, I can tell you she is one very nice person. I am proud to be able to call her friend. She is one very talented lady!!


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