Carol Chase Discography


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Sexy Songs

Casablanca Records - 1979 / CWLP-6001
Produced By: Snuff Garrett for Snuff Garrett Music Enterprises.
Recorded At: Brittannia Studios In Hollywood, CA. Engineered By: Greg Venable and Russell Bracher.

Contains: This Must Be My Ship / Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello / Sexy Song / Orient Express / For The First Time In My Life / Disco Devil /
Burning A Hole In my Mind / Is She Taking The Love /
It Always Takes A Fool To Fool Around / Dream

The Chase Is On

Casablanca Records - 1980 / NBLP-7237
Produced By: Norbert Putnam for Trebron Productions.
Recorded At: Quadraphonic Sound Studios In Nashville, TN.
Engineered By: Gene Eichelberger, Jimmy Stroud, Willie Peaver and Steve Goostree.

Contains: Regrets / On My Honor / Carolina /
If You Don't Know Me By Now / Wishing Won't
Make It So / It's All I Can Do / So Sad / Love Is /
Is It Love Yet / Morning Glory

1980 8 Track Tape Cartridge

The Singles

"One Woman Band" b/w "No Time For Our Love To Grow" / Janus Records / 1975 / J-256 /
Produced By John Lombardo

"This Must Be My Ship" / Casablanca West / 1979 /
Produced By Snuff Garrett

"Sexy Song" / "Disco Devil" / Casablanca West / 1980 / CW-4502 /
Produced Snuff Garrett

"Regrets" b/w "So Sad" / Casablanca / 1980 / NB-2301 /
Produced By Norbert Putnam

"If You Don't Know Me By Now" / Casablanca / 1980 /
Produced By Norbert Putnam

"Tear It Up" / Showdown Records / 1981 / SD-108 /
Produced By Steve Stone.

"Love In The Shadows" b/w "You're Here To Remember" / MCA Records / 1983 / MCA-52296 /
Produced By Jerry Crutchfield

Other Songs Carol Chase Has Recorded

"I Can't Say No To A Track Drivin' Man" / From The Sound Track LP Every Which Way But Loose / 1978 elektra Records / 5E-503

"Harper Valley PTA" / From The TV Series Sound Track Harper Valley PTA / 1981

"You Make It Feel So Right" / Duet With Steve Wariner / MCA Records

"Looking At A Sure Thing" / Duet with Lee Greenwood on his CD A Perfect 10 / 1991 Capitol Records

"One Less Tear" / Radio Records RRQ5000 / A CD release for the fight against cancer. More on this release soon.

Other titles will be added once I get the information from Carol


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