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Look for my new blog on this main page coming soon! More in the Gallbladder page, of all places!

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All pages have been updated in late March 30, 2021! Enjoy!

  • The Gallbladder Page
    My experience with passing gallstones and what the options are to getting rid of the problem.

  • Vicki Lawrence
    My web page dedicated to Vicki Lawrence.

  • Carol Chase
    My web page dedicated to my friend- country singer/songwriter Carol Chase.

  • Susie Allanson
    A web page that is dedicated to my friend, singer Susie Allanson.

  • The Carpenters
    My web page dedicated to the musical group The Carpenters.

  • Gary Raffanelli and Sandy Selby
    My web page dedicated to my good friends, singers Gary Raffanelli and Sandy Selby.

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